• Collectorate Rajgarh
    Collectorate Rajgarh
    Collectorate composite building on Khilchipur road
  • Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh
    Shyamji Sanka Temple-Narsinghgarh
    The famous temple of Shyamji was built in the memory of the king Sangram Singh (Shyam Singh) by his wife Bhagyawati in the 16-17th century, the king died in an encounter with a mughal soldier of Haji Wali. The temple is protected by the state govt. . It has beautiful paintings on the wall reflecting the Malwi & Rajashthani effects, the beautiful and well carved stones & bricks were used to construct the temple.
  • Chidikho-Narsinghgarh
    Wild Life Sancutary of Narsinghgarh is among one of the 35 sancturies of M.P. established in 1978 under Forest Division Rajgarh Social Forestry. Sanctuary is situated on N.H.12 (Jabalpur-Jaipur) 70 Kms from Bhopal
  • Dargah Shareif- Rajgarh
    Dargah Shareif- Rajgarh
    Dargah Shareef, Masjid and other buildings were founded by the Mutawalli of Dargah Shri Syed. Mushtaq Ali Rizvi Sandelvi after the death of Baba Sahib. At present all managements of Dargah
  • Jalpamata Temple-Rajgarh
    Jalpamata Temple-Rajgarh
    A beautiful temple is just 4 Kms. from Rajgarh. It is on the high hill & you can have a picturesque view of the town from the top. It is covered with dense forest having different varieties of plants. The devotee come from different parts in the navratri season.

जिला राजगढ़

राजगढ़ मध्य प्रदेश के पश्चिमी भाग में स्थित है। यह राजस्थान राज्य और शाजापुर , सीहोर, भोपाल के जिलों की सीमाओं से लगा हुआ है । राजगढ़ जिले की अक्षांश 23 27 ‘ 12 ” उत्तरी और 24 17 ‘ 20 ” उत्तर के बीच और देशांतर 76 11 ‘ 15 ‘ और 77 14 ‘ पूरब के बीच फैली है । जिले का कुल भौगोलिक क्षेत्र 6154 वर्ग कि.मी. , जनगणना 2011 के अनुसार आबादी 15,45,814 है। »और पढ़ें